Nickelmine Riding Area Notices

Throughout the year the Nickelmine Riding Area sees active logging and work parties from BC Hydro, mining and other contractors. Please check this notice board regularly for any safety notices.

May 2018 update:  Trail Closures due to construction.  Please view map

The Nickelmine (Stulkawhits) forest service road is now open but there is still active construction and heavy equipment operation in the south section of the valley near the old camp due to reclamation work on the Tailings Pond.  Please be respectful of posted closure areas.

There is currently gravel extraction taking place at the 3km mark of the forest service road.   GB5 on the map.  For everyones safety please maintain a speed of 20k for all motorized vehicles through this area up to the yellow gate.  Once at the yellow gate Do Not Turn Left, you will run into active construction.  The main forest service road continues onto the fork on the right.

The riding trails are open in the north section of the valley but in need of maintenance due to the past years closure due to an unfortunate logging accident.  For safety reasons and due to fire risks please avoid any overgrown trails and ride with a spark arrester. 

Due to active construction near the old tailings pond camp and blasting taking place in the south section of the valley all trails in this area are closed.  Please avoid the area shown on this map - click here - and respect closure signage.  Construction work is expected to be completed by November 2018 and the closure will be reassessed at that time.

Be aware that throughout 2018 there will logging trucks using the forest service road to work on cut blocks located west of the main valley.  Drive with caution and if you have a radio monitor RR - 22 or VHF 151.30 Mhz simplex. 


Aug 29th Update: Chilliwack District continues the construction to stabilize the hill side above Emory Creek Road (Arts Farts area). As previously stated the work was scheduled to complete in late August. Unfortunately, equipment vandalism has caused delays which means the Nickelmine road will remain closed for a short while longer. As soon as we get the okay from the district, will let everyone know. Thank you for you patience in respecting the closure. Being supportive of the districts request will go along way to maintain a strong working relationship. 




Aug 3rd Update: Chilliwack District has started the construction to stabilize the hill side above Emory Creek Road (Arts Farts area). During this time the road will remain closed for safety reasons. The work is scheduled to complete in late August. FVDRA is optimistic and hopes to be able to access the area for the September long weekend. 

May 18th Update: The Nickel Mine FSR remains closed at this time.
FVDRA received a letter from the Chilliwack Natural Resource District Manager, Allan Johnsrude, RPF. The letter requests FVDRA's support and advocacy for the temporary road closure. The primary reason sited is general safety of recreational users due to the instability of identified terrain. (Hwy 99 and Artsfarts)

In support of public safety, FVDRA requests you refrain from using the road and the trail network, until such time that a reasonable plan can be put in place to manage the risk of an incident.


Update April 13:  The stakeholders using the Nicklemine FSR have agreed on the scope of work and have begun upgrades to the road.  We will provide updates as work progresses and a timeline for completion can be estimated.  We have expressed our hope for a May long weekend completion.


Nickle Mine Forestry Service Road (FSR):

In late December, MFLNRO commissioned a geo tech survey of the road and the surrounding hill side. In early January the key stakeholders, including FVDRA met with the district to discuss the reports recommendations, roles and responsibilities and next steps to reopening the Nicklemine FSR. MFLNRO is holding Industry stakeholders responsible for implementing the recommendations. We will continue to keep you informed as more information become available. At this time, the group is requesting clarification from the survey engineer and a follow up meeting is planned for February. In my estimation the road will remain closed until March/April time frame. While this does create some uncertainty, it has minimal impact to our riding as it is typically snowed in until the end of April. Barrick Mines, BC Hydro and Tamihi Logging will require continued access up the Nicklemine FSR, this is positive news as Industry have an interest in ensuring the FSR is reopened.

Nickle Mine Camping:
In light of the impending work on the tailing pond by Barrick Mines, it is unlikely that FVDRA will be able to camp there in the 2016 season. FVDRA will be meeting with Barrick Mines in February to understand their plans for the area and the implication for FVDRA. In the short term, FVDRA has plans to leverage an old camp area. The area will require some minor work to make it usable. Once FDVRA has secured an extension to road maintenance agreement with MFLNRO to include this area, the FSR is open and the snow has receded, we will begin the work. If you have time or machinery that you can volunteer, please contact Steve Pedersen or email us at In the longer term, FVDRA is preparing an application for an official ORV recreational camp site. This will require a detailed development plan and an operational plan that will be self-sustaining. MFLNRO has a limited budget for the development or the ongoing maintenance of such a camp site, their area of responsibility stretches from Haida Gwaii to Boston Bar. If you have expertise in preparing similar plans, please contact Steve Pedersen or any one of the club directors.

Nickle Mine Trail Registration:
FVDRA has submitted a Section 57/56 application with the MFLNRO to register over 100 kilometers of trail in the Nickle Mine area. Securing this means the trail network will obtain official status with the government and become a protected recreational resource. Since a positive collaborate relationship has been forged with First Nations, we can now move ahead. You can help simply by being a member of the club. Critical mass helps to create a large enough voice for the government to take note.

BC Fire Service Website   Area forest use restrictions. Total campfire ban in effect.

Fire Danger Level  Hope station - Haig, Chilliwack station - Ford Mountain, Blue Mountain/McNutt station - UBC Research, Squamish station - Squamish AP

Coastal Fire Center:  ORV use Q&A. 

District of Hope Campfire bans


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